Rehkitz Rettung

Visual Identity

A charity wildlife initiative from Germany approached Plumbelly Design to come up with a logo for the Rehkitz Rettung.

Hundreds of fawns get killed every year in the fields in Germany, when the farmers start cutting the grass and yielding their crops. Fawns hide in the fields, while the mother deer finds food, and duck when they hear noise or sense danger. Tragically, many fawns get killed or crippled during the cutting season. Janine set up the rescue initiative, which involves getting the farmers on board to inform when they will cut which field. The volunteers then set out with an infrared drone and locate and rescue any of the fawns that may be hiding in the field. After the fields are harvested, the fawn is returned for the mother to find it.

The logo had to show a fawn and get the vulnerability across. The use of the logo on bags and over social media, means that more volunteers can be recruited and awareness is being raised.


Janine from Rehkitz Rettung


Fawn Rescue


Illustration, Logo, Typography, Applied Design